Rabbi Suri


"Due to Rabbi Suri, we had the most wonderful Bar Mitzvah experience.She was warm, funny, and a complete pleasure with which to interact.  She immediately put Jeremy and the rest of us at ease... What we find most impressive about Suri is that she is not only amazingly knowledgeable about Judaism, but also extremely interested in putting together an inclusive, warm and stimulating service that can be appreciated by people from a wide range of Jewish (and non-Jewish) backgrounds and levels of observance.  She has both a strong Jewish ethos and the ability to engage people who are far less connected to their Judaism."  Dr. Sandra Wolin


“This was the best service I have ever been to.”

“This was the first service where I didn’t look at my watch”.

“If there had been a synagogue like this near us, I might have considered joining!”

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B'nai Mitzvah