Progressive ~ Compassionate ~ Spiritually Attuned

Rabbi Suri was ordained in 2008 at the pluralistic Academy for Jewish Religion (AJR), New York. Rabbi Suri Krieger is equally at home with tradition, liberal theology, and innovation, blending them together to make creative yet authentic ritual and ceremonies. Prioritizing the importance of heritage brings our dynamic Jewish culture to life. Infusing some soulful neshamah into the mix brings spiritual potency to the fore. These are some of the critical elements that characterize Rabbi Suri's presence on the bima, under the chuppah, in the classroom. She is rabbi on the pulpit every month and holidays with B’nai Or, MA. She spent eight years as professor in the classroom teaching Bible, Ethics and Judaism at Sacred Heart University. Dynamic, passionate and authentic are descriptives most often associated with her presence. With a background in music and drama, Rabbi Suri is equally characterized by another set of descriptives - Ruach (Spirit/Energy), Rhythm and Reverence!

Suri smiling and holding a purple houseplant
Suri with a shofar

"Your narrative as a self-described God-wrestler has touched me deeply. Your courage in being open about your approach to these concepts, these feelings, this commitment to let in this indefinable thing we call spiritual has given me some small courage to approach it in myself." - Bob Volin